ArtsMemphis’ publications include First Shooting Light, Wild Abundance, A Million Wings, and Memphis, Sweet, Spicy & A Little Greasy . These books celebrate the best of the sporting South and the culinary arts, the proceeds from which benefit the arts.

To order please vist your local bookstore or your favorite online site.

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Wholesale Orders

If you are a retail store or booksellar interested in selling our publications please contact Ingram Publisher Services. Orders may be places 24 hours a day, seven days a week. if you do not have an account, you can create one by contacting Ingram Publisher Services.

Customers should reference:

  • First Shooting Light   978-0-615-21138-1
  • Wild Abundance   978-0-615-21138-1
  • A Million Wings   978-0-615-68167-2
  • Memphis: Sweet, Spicy & A Little Greasy   978-0-692-24204-9

And indicate "IPS Order"

Fax Orders: 800.838.1149
Phone Orders: 866.400.5351
Email Orders: customer.service [at] ingrampublisherservices [dot] com

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