Why Support Individual Artists?

Artists with strong career trajectories make our visual artist community more vibrant and heighten the level of respect for the community as a whole. The artists who apply for ArtsAccelerator funding are at a defining moment to achieve growth in their creative and professional careers. Your investment turns that defining moment into a turning point – building careers and advancing our city.

ArtsAccelerator is the only local fund dedicated to nurturing the visual arts community through grants for working artists. Funding ignites new art projects involving exhibition or the creation of a body of work.

By supporting ArtsAccelerator, you:

+  provide real and accessible support for individual artists

+  signal to visual artists that Memphis values their contributions to our region

+  attract and retain a vibrant creative class in Memphis

+  contribute to the visibility of our artistic community as a whole, both regionally and nationally

When artists cannot find financial support for their creative process, they often have to stop working or relocate to another city, contributing to a decline in a city’s vibrancy. Our goals are simple. With your help, we can create a community where artists create their best work and contribute to an atmosphere in which that work is seen and valued by the community. 

ArtsAccelerator Grants

2013 grantees: Ben Butler, Mary Jo Karimnia, Susan Maakestad, Brandon Marshall and Terri Phillips. Learn more about the artists >>

2014 grantees: Stephanie Cosby, Hamlett Dobbins, Beth Edwards, Adam Farmer and Johnathan Payne. Learn more about the artists >>

2016 grantees: Paula Kovarik, Lawrence Matthews III, Madsen Minax, Michael Roy and Laurel Sucsy. The ArtsAccelerator funds support artists working in any media, including painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation art, performance art, video art, or social practice. Learn more about the artists>>

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