ArtsMemphis TV

ArtsMemphis TV takes you into the worlds of local artists, revealing their personal stories, experiences and thoughts about art, music, film, theatre, dance and life in Memphis.

Featured Artists

We have produced four seasons of ArtsMemphis TV including the following artists:
Bob Arnold, Yvonne Bobo, Sarah Christine Bolton, Travis Bradley, Dwayne Butcher, Tameka Daniel, Maritza Davila, Beth Edwards   , Lurlynn Franklin, Suzy Hendrix, Tommy Kha, Lila Hood, Jazmin Miller, Jenny Odle Madden, Greely Myatt, Kong Wee Pang, Jonathan Postal, Brad Pounders, Murray Riss, Frank Robinson, Vitus Shell, Dolph Smith, Amber Snyder, Roy Tamboli, Clare Torina, Darius Wallace, Alex Warble, Stephen White, Kiersten Williams and Bob X