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Tennessee Art Education Association

ArtsMemphis recently provided a grant to the Tennessee Art Education Association to provide 25 scholarships to art educators in Shelby County to attend this year’s annual state conference, held at the Memphis College of Art, October 26-28, 2017.

Awarded Scholarships

  • Arlington Community Schools: 1
  • Bartlett City Schools: 3
  • Collierville Municipal Schools: 1
  • Germantown Municipal Schools: 1
  • Shelby County Schools: 19
  • Elementary: 17
  • Elementary AND Middle: 1
  • Middle School: 4
  • High School: 3
  • First-time conference goers: 14

After their conference, all scholarship recipients were asked to write a one-page report about their experience. Several said that they left the conference recharged and eager to bring back their ideas to the classroom and to make their own art again.

Here are a few of their quotes...

One of the most meaningful parts of the conference to me was the ability to collaborate and communicate with other artists and art teachers about their experiences. It is really nice to be able to talk to other art teachers and share our successes and failures in the classroom. Often times what I find is someone else has had a similar experience and can provide really insightful and helpful feedback to troubleshoot the problem. 


The opportunity provided me with invaluable professional development in my subject area.  As a visual art teacher, content-related training and networking is not always provided through my school.  The conference enabled me to learn new techniques and skills. 


As an Elementary Visual Art teacher, falling into a creative rut can often be a problem once the year begins and the overwhelming demands of our work and the limited time that we have in our schedule to meet them begins.  Having the privilege of attending the TAEA Fall Conference in Memphis, TN helped to reignite an energy in me to carry back into my classroom, as well as into my own personal life.


The fact the conference took place over several days helped to build those relationships beyond a simple introduction. I now follow fellow art educations on social media that teach across the state. I never would have done that if I had not met them at the conference. This is an invaluable teaching tool. We can see what others are doing in their classrooms and share success stories as well as challenges.

The Tennessee Art Education Association is an organization that builds community, fosters creativity, and advocates for the arts. They strive to provide educators with everything they need to know about the arts in education across Tennessee. Make sure you don't miss their latest updates by becoming a member.

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