Authentic Stories: Jeannie Tomlinson

Some people just land in their dream job.  Others go out and forge that job for themselves.  That's Jeannie Tomlinson.  She's a punk rock goddess and a globetrotting addict.  But most of all, she's a dedicated staff member at The Metal Museum, one of our city's most distinctive organizations...and (natch!) an ArtsMemphis grantee.

We think Jeannie hits the nail on the head (with a giant forge hammer!) when she describes the impact that ArtsMemphis funding has had on the Metal Museum:

The support we get from ArtsMemphis helps us [with all the] things we do: the classes we offer, the community outreach we do.  We couldn't do that without the support of ArtsMemphis.

Hear this truly authentic arts story by clicking below (courtesy of videographer Lawrence Shaw).  Rock on, Jeannie!

Video produced by Lawrence Shaw.  Click here to check out more of Lawrence's work.
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