Authentic Stories: Greg Fletcher

He's not only a lawyer in real life, he's even played one on the stage!  Meet Greg Fletcher.  Greg is a perfect example of how a love of the arts is often found where you least expect it -- for instance, in the office of a corporate attorney and Naval Air Force Veteran.  Believe it or not, when he's not studying up on cases or preparing briefings at the highly regarded law firm, Baker Donelson, Greg finds time to perform in local theatre productions.

And he's a great advocate of ArtsMemphis, to boot.  Greg sums up what we do in a nutshell:

ArtsMemphis is an engine to elevate the arts, all arts, in the city, and to make them better.

After you see this video, you'll want to join us in giving Greg a standing ovation.

Video produced by Lawrence Shaw.  Click here to check out more of Lawrence's work.
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