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Did you know that nonprofit arts groups generate $125 million per year for our city’s economy, along with supporting nearly 4,000 local jobs? And ArtsMemphis is the only organization specifically dedicated to sustaining Memphis’ valuable cultural assets. Every dollar we raise helps us make grants to more than 60 local arts groups. Thanks to our generous donors, we’ve allocated more than $40 million to the arts over the past 10 years. Beginning this year, we’re proud to partner with Latino Memphis on an initiative to help local arts leaders address the needs of the Latino community.

901 Latino Connect: Arts Track Attracting and Engaging Latino Memphians

Venue: Fogelman Executive Center, 330 Innovation Dr. Memphis, TN 38152

Date: Tuesday, Aug 30, 2016.

Time: 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM

Price:  $50 per person (includes Leadership Luncheon)

Join ArtsMemphis and Latino Memphis for 901 Latino Connect: Arts Track
Attracting and Engaging Latino Memphians 

  • Learn about the Latino community in Memphis
  • Share your goals as an artist or organization
  • Discuss how you might engage the Latino community
  • Hear about what’s happening in arts and Latino communities in other cities

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We’re pleased to have the participation of Maria Munzo-Blanco, Richard Lou and Surale Phillips.

Maria Munzo-Blanco was recently appointed Director of Parks & Neighborhoods for the City of Memphis. Maria is the former director of Cultural Affairs in Dallas and has held various roles in arts and culture throughout her career.
Richard Lou serves as Chair of the Department of Art at the University of Memphis.
Surale Phillips has spent her career in arts research and consulting. She’s supported numerous audience development projects across the country, specifically with Latino communities. Surale also worked with ArtsMemphis and dozens of organizations on the Audience Development Initiative several years ago.

About Congreso 2016: The Latino Memphis Conference

Empowering speakers, insightful workshops, and a chance to network with civic and business leaders. Congreso gathers influential organizations, leaders and companies to share first-hand insight on how to better work with and serve the Latinos in the 901.

About 901 Latino Connect

In recent years, the 901 has experienced a notable increase of immigrant families who are seeking the American dream by providing a better future for themselves and their families. Today, there are over 81,000 Latinos in the Mid-South representing over 21 nationalities. These families represent a large portion of our local economy, with over $800 million in aggregate income and almost 2,500 Latino-owned businesses. This community is a cornerstone as we collectively work to build a vibrant middle class and a vibrant city.
901 Latino Connect tracks will provide an unprecedented look into the local Latino community, creating for the first time a platform that will allow educators, arts & cultural organizations, service providers, and strategic partners to deep dive around specific topics. Partners will hear from national experts about best practices in Latino engagement, and will work together with other local agencies to draft initial action plans that will provide concrete next steps for working with our growing community.

About Latino Memphis

Over the past 20 years, Latino Memphis has become the go-to organization for issues impacting the Hispanic community in the Mid-South, raising the voice of Latinos in our region and advocating for a better, more inclusive Memphis. Since our inception at MIFA and our subsequent growth as an independent agency, we have become the largest Latino-serving nonprofit in West Tennessee, serving thousands of clients each year and advancing awareness of the many issues impacting the Latino community. As our programs have grown, so too has our capacity to affect positive change in the lives of Latino Memphians.