IRA Charitable Rollover


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IRA Charitable Rollover

Make a gift using retirement assets.

IRA Charitable Rollover allows those age 70 1/2  or older to donate as much as $100,000 of IRA account assets each year. ArtsMemphis is a public nonprofit and meets the conditions to receive these distributions, which count as part of the IRA owner's required annual payout. IRA Rollover donations may not be made to a donor advised fund. Contact your IRA custodian or professional financial advisor for specific details for IRA Rollover distrubution. 

The following information should be communicated when you elect to make your distribtution:

Name of qualified charitable organization: ArtsMemphis
Address: 575 S. Mendenhall, Memphis TN 38117
Attn: Elizabeth Rouse, President & CEO

ArtsMemphis federal tax identification number is: 62-0693547. 


One gift supports 68 arts organizations and 145 artists

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