Honorariums and Memorials


Honorariums and Memorials

A gift to ArtsMemphis in memory or honor of a loved one is a special way to pay tribute to that individual while supporting the arts across our community.  When you make a tribute gift, please include name of person(s) being honored and contact information in the comment section and we will send a personalized card to the appropriate person(s), notifying them of your generous contribution. 

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2020 Tribute Gifts


Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ballin 
    in memory of Lecil Henderson

Ms. Caroline Barnett
    in memory of Chuck Bait

Mr. Brian P. Bendersky and Ms. Theresa Anne Wulff
    in memory of Honey and Rudi Scheidt

Ms. Dana C. Bottenfield 
    in memory of Margaret Davis

Mr. Michael Brooks
    in honor of Colleen and John Chandler

Mr. James Carruth
    in honor of the Bindbeutel Family

Ms. Dabney Coors 
    in honor of Greg Fletcher

Mrs. Clarice W. Cox 
    in memory of Dr. Clair E. Cox

Mrs. Elizabeth Ferring 
    in honor of Lucy and Tom Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Gerald 
    in honor of Juanita Ortiz

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gillespie 
    in honor of ArtsMemphis

Mr. and Mrs. Emmel B. Golden, Jr. 
    in honor of Mary Hopkins and Lucy and Tom Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grimes 
    in honor of Elizabeth Rouse

Mr. Larry J. Hardy 
    in memory of Andres Clarkson

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Landau 
    in honor of Leslie Landau

Mr. Frank M. Langford, Jr. 
    in honor of friends

Mrs. Paul G. Lazarov 
    in honor of Iris and Ronald Harkavy, Rosalee and Raymond Gotlieb, Eileen and Steve Wishnia, and Debbie and Stuart Lazarov

Mr. and Mrs. David Less 
    in honor of Peggy Seessel, Tom Wilson, James Wells, and Kim Warnette

Ms. Emma Less 
    in honor of David and Angela Less

Mr. and Mrs. Hal Lewis 
    in honor of Nicole and Jack Lewis

Ms. Glenda Mace 
    in honor of Karin Barille

Ms. Elaine Malloy 
    in memory of Jeanine Mah

Dr. and Mrs. Charles W. McCrary 
    in honor of Peggy Seessel

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas L. McDonald 
    in honor of Marion McClure

Ms. Laura Kind McKenna 
    in honor of Elza McKenna

Drs. Lisa and Maurice Mendel 
    in memory of Jack Seubert

Dr. and Mrs. Brent Mullins 
    in honor of Theatre Memphis

NFC Investments, LLC 
    in honor of clients

Ms. Deborah Northcross 
    in honor of Kathy Smythe

Mr. John C. Petty 
    in memory of Beverly Petty

Dr. Richard R. Ranta and Dr. Carol C. Ranta 
    in memory of Knox Phillips

Ms. Veda Reed 
    in memory of Ginny Lafon and Guenter K. Seebach

Dr. Emily B. Ruch 
    in honor of Cathy Randall and Diane Long

Ms. Peggy Seessel 
    in honor of friends

Mr. Barry Shulkin and Ms. Patresha Mandel 
    in memory of Dan Spector

Dr. and Mrs. Owen B. Tabor, Sr. 
    in honor of Stephanie and Dan McCleary

Mr. Jimmy Gould and Mrs. Katie Smythe 
    in honor of Anne Stokes and Lucy Lee

Thomas W. Briggs Foundation 
    in honor of Margaret Craddock

Mr. and Mrs. Jason Wexler 
    in memory of Honey Scheidt


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