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Artistik Approach at Artspace Lofts
photo: Alyssa Kelley

We drive support in ways that make the greatest impact.

ArtsMemphis awards over 160 grants per year in a variety of different categories, including support for organizations and individual artists.  

In addition to the grant programs we administer directly, ArtsMemphis serves as an advisor and steward for charitable giving by external partners – including businesses, government agencies, and family foundations.  We work in concert with these partners to help them achieve their philanthropic goals by drawing from our expansive knowledge of local arts organizations.  Use the links in this section to learn more about these areas of giving.

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Beginning February 1, 2019, all grant applications will be submitted through our online grant application platform. Please click here to access the grant application site and to create your account.


Please Note: Dates are subject to change. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our grant schedule. 


  • October
    • FY20 ArtsAccelerator Grant Application Open – 14th
  • December
    • FY20 ArtsAccelerator Grant Application Deadline – 13th


  • October
    • FY20 ArtsFirst Grant Application Open – 21st
  • December
    • FY20 ArtsFirst Grant Application Deadline – 2nd
  • March
    • FY20 ArtsFirst Grant Decisions and Contracts – by the 10th
  • June
    • FY20 ArtsFirst Grant Report Deadline – 15th


  • November
    • FY20 Enhancement Grant LOI Open – 25th 
  • December
    • FY20 Enhancement Grant LOI Deadline - 16th
  • January
    • FY20 Enhancement Grant Application Open – 2nd
    • FY20 Enhancement Grant Application Deadline – 27th


  • January
    • FY21 Operating Support Grant New Applicant LOI Open – 6th
    • FY21 Operating Support Grant Organization Profile Open – 17th
  • February
    • FY21 Operating Support Grant Application Open – 10th
  • March
    • FY21 Operating Support Grant Application Deadline – 16th


  • April
    • FY21 Arts Build Communities Grant Application Open – 1st
  • June
    • FY20 Arts Build Communities Grant Report Deadline – 15th


  • April
    • FY21 ArtsZone Grant LOI Open – 1st
    • FY21 ArtsZone Grant LOI Deadline – 24th 
  • May
    • FY21 ArtsZone Grant LOI Decision – 15th
    • FY21 ArtsZone Grant Application Open – 25th
  • June
    • FY21 ArtsZone Grant Application Deadline – 12th
ArtsMemphis is a registered Non-Profit Public Charity.


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