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There are now three ways to submit your calendar events.

Before you proceed to the instructions below, please double-check the ArtsMemphis calendar to confirm that we do not already have your event(s) listed.  To search the calendar, click "Timeframes: All" on the left-hand bar, then press Ctrl-F (Windows) or Cmd-F (Mac) and type your event name; if it doesn't appear on the page, then it has not yet been added to our calendar.  For assistance, call 901.578.2787 or email [email protected].

Method #1 – Use the "Submit an Event" Form.

This is the simplest and most reliable method for submitting events to the ArtsMemphis Calendar.  It is recommended if you are submitting non-recurring (one-time-only) events, or if you are submitting a recurring event for which every occurrence shares the exact same start and end time.  (For example, this method is well suited for listing a play that will be performed from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM, every Friday and Saturday, over the course of three consecutive weeks.)  Start by clicking the "Submit an Event" button on the ArtsMemphis Events page (image).  That brings up an automated form, which includes the option of setting up multiple occurrences for your event, using the "Repeats" dropdown menu.  (Note that when you select "Weekly" from that menu, you will have the option of selecting any combination of days.)  When using the "Repeats" function, be sure to set an "Until" date so that your event does not continue indefinitely.  In addition, be sure to include a URL in the "Description" field where visitors can learn more and/or purchase tickets.  Lastly, we recommend that you include the following information in the "Where" field of the submission form: [VENUE NAME], [STREET ADDRESS], [CITY], [ST] [ZIP CODE].

Method #2 – Create and Upload a CSV Spreadsheet.
Start by clicking here to download a calendar spreadsheet template (in CSV format).  Next, open the downloaded spreadsheet and populate it with information about each occurrence of the event(s) that you want to appear on the ArtsMemphis calendar.  PLEASE NOTE: you must populate a separate row of the spreadsheet for each individual occurrence of your event.  Once you've populated the CSV spreadsheet with your events, you can upload it using the form at the bottom of this page.  Alternatively, you can email your completed spreadsheet to [email protected].  When using this submission method, be sure to include a URL – in the fields beneath the "Description" column of your spreadsheet – where visitors can learn more and/or purchase tickets.  Also note that this submission method does not support event images; if you'd like to have an image appear beside your CSV events, please email it to [email protected].  Lastly, we recommend that you format the data in the "Location" column of your spreadsheet as follows: [VENUE NAME], [STREET ADDRESS], [CITY], [ST] [ZIP CODE].

Method #3 – Export and Upload an ICS File.
This is a good option if you already have an electronic calendar that contains dates, times, and descriptions for all of your upcoming events.  Start by exporting your organization's existing electronic calendar to ICS format.  (You can find instructions for exporting to ICS from a Google Calendar here; from an Apple Calendar here; or from an Outlook Calendar here.)  Next, upload your exported ICS file using the form at the bottom of this page.  Alternatively, you can email your file to [email protected].  When using this submission method, be sure that the event descriptions in your "source data" (i.e., your existing calendar software) include key details about your events, along with URLs where visitors can learn more and/or purchase tickets.  Also note that this submission method does not support event images; if you'd like to have an image appear beside your ICS events, please email it to [email protected].

Use the Submission Form Below for Methods #2 and #3


Please answer the simple math question below to submit the form.
2 + 2 =


ArtsMemphis makes every effort to load approved events onto our calendar within three business days of submission.  However, the process may occasionally take longer – especially in cases involving large numbers of events.  In addition, ArtsMemphis reserves the right to alter, without notice, the formatting and/or description of any submitted event. Likewise, ArtsMemphis reserves the right to decline, without notice, any submitted event that we determine not to have a meaningful connection with the arts in our region.  Finally, please note that ArtsMemphis sometimes shares calendar events with external partners in order to promote local arts and culture.  (For example, we may share selected events with local newspapers, the CVB, or with live audiences when we deliver invited talks to community organizations.)

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