Art By Design VIP Dinner

Event Photos

Photography by Isaac Singleton

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Thursday, April 27, 2017 6:00 pm

VIP Dinner guests were the very first to experience the designer showcase with an “on-site” dinner at our one-of-a-kind venue: Propcellar – a vintage furniture and décor emporium on Summer Avenue.

They enjoyed an exclusive preview of the interior design showcase, featuring “vignettes” crafted by the City’s leading designers, as well as a seated dinner created by Executive Chef Dave Krog and Executive Pastry Chef Franck Oysel of Interim Restaurant and Bar, music by PRIZM Ensemble, and conversation with our top designers!

Interim Restaurant and Bar

We are pleased to announce that dinner will be presented by Interim Restaurant and Bar! Interim features Modern American cuisine with Southern flair served in a chic space with exhibition kitchen.  

Executive Chef Dave Krog

Dave Krog grew up in Tampa FL, where he started learning to cook, and moved to Memphis at 18. He has been in the restaurant business for over 27 years, mostly in and around Memphis. He apprenticed at La Tourelle and opened Madidi in Clarksdale, MS. He also spent time in the kitchens of Bari, the Tennessean, Erling Jensen's, River Terrace, and is presently the Executive Chef at Interim. Dave finds inspiration from the farm, our city (Memphis), and art.

  • He was voted one of Memphis' Top Ten Chefs by Memphis Magazine
  • He won Best New National Chef at the Great Southern Food Festival (May 2001)
  • He won a Silver Spatula Award for Best Appetizer @ United Cerebal Palsy
  • He was a Viking Culinary Arts Demonstration Feature Chef

Executive Pastry Chef Franck Oysel

Born and raised in France, Franck has been working in classic French patisseries with Master Chefs since he was 15 years old. While he was not cooking, Franck often found himself demonstrating and teaching about various pastry methods to young culinary students as well as to people in the community. From his years of training and experience, Franck has not only gained a remarkable ability, expansive knowledge, true understanding of French pastry techniques, but he has also cultivated a rich passion for both sharing the exquisiteness of the culinary arts as well as producing refined and balanced products.

In 2006, Franck became as the Executive Chef de Patissiere with a Master Chocolatier at one of the poplar patisseries in the Jura region of France, Aux Plaisirs Sucres (Poligny, France).

In April 2014, Franck made a life changing to decision to move to America in order to marry the love of his life, an American who taught English in France and volunteered at the patisserie in Poligny the year before.

Since October, Franc k has been working as Executive Pastry Chef at Interim . Franck and Interim both highly emphasize the importance of producing high quality dishes that aesthetically appeal to all the senses, exhibit a true attention to detail, and preserve the flavor of the ingredients.

Music provided by ArtsMemphis Grantee | PRIZM Ensemble

Formed in 2009, the PRIZM Ensemble consists of classically trained, Memphis musicians who specialize in chamber music and are dedicated to developing and promoting local talent in the Memphis area through educational and performance opportunities.

PRIZM will be represented by Jerald Walker, violin, Journey Hogan, violin, Kenneth Gillespie, Jr., viola, and Tamar Love, cello.

Buster's Liquors & Wines

Josh Hammond, Owner
Special thanks to Josh Hammond of for selecting our wines and spirits tonight.

Family owned and operated through three generations, Buster’s boasts the largest selection of wine and spirits in Tennessee along with the friendliest and most knowledgeable staff in the region.

Art By Design Steering Committee

Greg Baudoin and Ann Parker, Co Chairs
Jennifer Chandler, Madelyn Gray, Amy and Cameron Mann, Missy Steffens, Stacey Wiedower