Cambria KICK OFF Party

Event Photos

Photography by Isaac Singleton

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Friday, April 28, 2017 7:00 - 9:00 pm

This lively cocktail party kicked off the public opening of the Art by Design Showcase at Propcellar. Guests strolled through the exhibition with drinks and hors d'oeuvres, enjoyed some of Memphis finest musical entertainment from the Stax Music Academy Alumni Jazz Ensemble and they mingled with the designers.

Art By Design Steering Committee

Greg Baudoin and Ann Parker, Co Chairs
Jennifer Chandler, Madelyn Gray, Amy and Cameron Mann, Missy Steffens, Stacey Wiedower

Host Committee

Aarti & Mark Bowman, Carrie Ann Rohrscheib & Jason Brewer, Hilary & David Butler, Andrea Fenise, Jennifer Jacobson & Steve Froelich, Margaret & Hall Gardner, Kontji Anthony Hendricks & Patrick Hendricks, Elizabeth Hutton, Veazey & Collie Karusnick, Ross Larson, Keating & Patrick Lowery, Leigh Martin & Margo Metz, Rebecca & Ed Nenon, Ashley Adams & Rob Park, Maggie & Andrew Phillips, Dr. Hunter Rittenberry, Halle & Adam Simpson, Megan Stout, Susannah & Woodson Whitehead

Music provided by ArtsMemphis Grantee | STAX Music Academy Alumni Band

STAX Music Academy Alumni Band is a highly charged, high energy, soul music force made up of Stax Music Academy graduates who are currently in college.

The STAX Music Academy inspires young people and enhances their academic, cognitive, performance, and leadership skills by utilizing music with an intense focus on the rich legacy and tradition of STAX Records.

Simply Delicious Caterings

Simply Delicious Caterings offers each event the best of both worlds: up-to-the-moment culinary and style trends paired with nearly three decades of catering and service expertise.

Featured Creative | Colin Britton, Memphis Mean Time

Specializing in retoration of vintage and heirloom time pieces.

Colin will be set up at the event Friday for a presentation on his watch restoration. Memphis Mean Time is a full service vintage watch repair and retail shop located in the heart of midtown Memphis Tennessee.