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What is an art CSA?

You've heard of Community Supported Agriculture.  But what is Community Supported Art?  In a nutshell, it's an exciting new model of art support and distribution for artists that jumpstarts their relationships with local collectors and patrons.  Much like agriculture CSAs, it relies on "share" purchases by a community of stakeholders, each of whom receives value in return for their investment.  But instead of receiving kale or cauliflower, art CSAs provide shareholders with locally sourced works of art! 

ArtsMemphis' Artist Advisory Council launched the city's very first CSA in 2016 to cultivate new art collectors and connect them to local artists.  Even better, part of the revenue from CSA sales goes toward our ArtsAccelerator program, which provides grants to local artists.  So you have lots of reasons to buy your share today!

An Exciting Collaboration

ArtsMemphis and The CLTV – a coalition of Memphis-based black artists – partnered on year two of the Memphis art CSA.  Together, we commissioned three local artists, Lawrence Matthews III, Matthew Thomas, and Felicia Wheeler, to create a series of work in sets of 25.  We sold 25 shares in the resulting art collection at $500 per share.  Each shareholder received three locally produced works of art  – one by each of the participating artists.

The 2017 CSA: 
"Maintaining Place | Making Space"

Shareholders and members of the public attended “Maintaining Place | Making Space” – an exhibition featuring work by the 2017 CSA artists at OMG – Orange Mound Gallery 


In recent years, Memphians have wrestled with questions of neighborhood identity in the face of gentrification and revitalization efforts.  Self-proclaimed place-makers often overlook the pre-existing desires, lifestyles, and cultures within communities affected by poverty and blight.  This collection of work will spark conversation and contemplation around these issues, and it will promote dialogue about how to truly honor local communities during the re-animation of Memphis.


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