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What is an art CSA?

You've heard of Community Supported Agriculture.  But what is Community Supported Art?  In a nutshell, it's an exciting new model of art support and distribution for artists that jumpstarts their relationships with local collectors and patrons.  Much like agriculture CSAs, it relies on "share" purchases by a community of stakeholders, each of whom receives value in return for their investment.  But instead of receiving kale or cauliflower, art CSAs provide shareholders with locally sourced works of art! 

ArtsMemphis' Artist Advisory Council launched the city's very first CSA in 2016 to cultivate new art collectors and connect them to local artists.  Even better, part of the revenue from CSA sales goes toward our ArtsAccelerator program, which provides grants to local artists.  So you have lots of reasons to purchase a CSA share!



Young Collectors Contemporary has curated this year’s CSA, selecting three fantastic local artists:

Brittney Boyd Bullock

Brittney’s interest in social change has led her to an artistic practice that embraces artists to redefine why they create, how they create, and for what purposes. She’s most interested in identity and culture and often questions notions of power and ownership in her work. Her process engages ideas of trust, beauty, and memory.

Jess Tinsley

A native of Memphis, Jessis an emerging artist, primarily working in acrylic and ink. Much of her work is abstract - an expression of memories, ideas, and principles. She uses contrast and bold colors to communicate hope in the midst of a painful world. Her work is heavily influenced by water and movement. Tinsley’s signature look combines an acrylic wash, heavy body acrylic, organic line work, and five lines incorporated throughout the piece – one for each of her children.

Tinsley believes that art can change the world and that good art causes people to step outside of their box and see something from a new perspective. Art breaks down barriers and makes the world a more beautiful place – even as it exposes the raw and genuine humanity in each of us.

Michelle Fair

Michelle Fair is an oil painter from Memphis, TN. She received her MFA from Memphis College of Art in 2014, where she first began exploring themes of memory and loss. Through her paintings she aims to visualize the fading of memories over time, the forgetting of details about people or places after so long. 

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