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Sarah Knowles

Sarah is originally from Austin, Texas and received her BA in English with a minor in Studio Art from Rhodes College.  She currently works as a Marketing Assistant at Cushman & Wakefield/Commercial Advisors in Memphis, where she is responsible for helping create flyers, brochures, press releases and presentations for clients. She has also been assisting with the compilation and production of Axis Memphis, a not-for-profit, local art zine which is currently on its third issue. 

Sarah Knowles's Posts:

Rants & Raves - A Review of Cosmic Bodies by Michael Velliquette

Posted on March 5th, 2013

In his lecture preceding the opening night of Cosmic Bodies, Michael Velliquette described an early installation of his, titled The You in the I, as dealing with “homemade cosmology” and a myriad of different elements in a “coextensive space.” Though they may have evolved and perhaps become more refined over the years, both themes are reflected in his current works at the Clough-Hanson Gallery in his show titled Cosmic Bodies. read more »

Topics: Rhodes College, Clough-Hanson Gallery, Cosmic Bodies, Michael Velliquette

Rants & Raves - A Review of Melissa Farris' "Happy Cannibals" at Material Art Space

Posted on December 13th, 2012

Whimsical, pastel frames and delicate brush stroke and color choice may, upon first glance, disguise the humorously grotesque imagery that appears in Melissa Farris’s smaller-scale paintings in her show Happy Cannibals.  Paralleling the frames, the paintings seem as though they should belong in a baby’s nursery, with an almost kitschy vibe, some including images of innocent lambs. However, upon further investigation, the viewer begins to notice these paintings are not at all devised from a nursery rhyme. read more »

Topics: Melissa Farris, Happy Cannibals, Material Art Space, Visual Arts, Rants & Raves Review

Rants & Raves - A Review of Maysey Craddock's "forest for the trees" at David Lusk Gallery

Posted on December 11th, 2012

The opening night of Maysey Craddock’s show Forest for the Trees at David Lusk Gallery was filled, nearly to the brim, with life and conversation amidst Craddock’s paintings—this was no surprise, as there is much excitement in this show.  Craddock utilizes found brown paper bags as the surface for her relatively large gauche paintings; though they do vary in size, each panting uniquely captures her methodical, intricate and considered use of line, color, and layers.  The surface’s origin—found, brown paper bags—is evident and embraced, with the ... read more »

Topics: Maysey Craddock, Painting, David Lusk Gallery, Visual Arts, Forest for the Trees, Rants & Raves Review