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ArtsMemphis, Memphis Music Initiative and Music Export Memphis developed the Recovery Fund in response to the challenges faced by artists and arts organizations during the pandemic. This collaborative effort complements the ongoing and future-focused work of these three intermediary partners. 

Our $1.8 million Recovery Fund not only accelerates recovery but also supports a resilient arts ecosystem by providing an immediate and targeted infusion of investment into the people, processes and programming that will make our arts community stronger and more accessible.

The Recovery Fund aims to broadly support stabilization of organizations, artists getting back to work, strong programming, effective marketing, leaders of color and organizations that have historically been underfunded, collaborations and systems to improve operations and build safety net reserves. 

The Artist Recovery Fund application is now closed.  This grant will distribute $150,000 to artists living and working in Shelby County. The purpose of this fund is to enable artists to invest in their creative work to advance their artistic careers and to encourage creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustained commitment to artistic work.

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