2016 Highlights

Featured Designers

Our 2016 lineup of interior designers included the following individuals and businesses.



2016 Highlights:

  • We raised over $110,000 to support over 60 local arts groups
  • We attracted 150 firsttime donors to ArtsMemphis
  • We communicated our critical mission to nearly 700 event attendees and participants
  • We generated over 326,000 interactions on facebook, twitter, and instagram
  • We forged or deepened partnerships with nearly 40 businesses and nonprofits
  • We leveraged the help of 50 talented volunteers, who donated hundreds ofhours of their time


ANNO DOMINI (art & design)

Christian Nelius

Dining Room

This space is art-driven: Frances Berry was given free rein to paint the walls however she liked; the rest of the space was tailored to complement the walls and includes pieces by Chloe York and Eric Quick.

Christian has a reputation for thinking outside the box, with a colorful, free-thinking aesthetic that helps an eclectic range of clients achieve precisely the look they desire. An education in art creation, criticism, and history has given her a high degree of versatility. Paint, rugs, fabrics, furniture, wallpapers, and lamps are her chosen medium.

ANNO DOMINI (art & design)
4886 Briarcliff Road | Memphis, TN

Cameron Howell Interior Design | Sarah Spinosa Interior Design

Cameron Howell and Sarah Spinosa

Child’s Bedroom

Sarah and Cameron were inspired by their own children to create a room for kids. They feature the Lulu DK “Dancers” fabric, complement it with greens, blues, and golds, and fill it out with custom furnishings.

Cameron Howell and Sarah Spinosa are independent business owners passionate about creating unique interiors suited to their clients’ needs. After gaining valuable experience under local designers Greg Baudoin and Lisa Mallory, respectively, the two have successfully launched their own ventures. Cameron favors a blend of modern and classical aesthetics, while Sarah’s trademark is simple, classic design updated with a fresh perspective. 

Cameron Howell Interior Design
3080 Poplar Ave | Memphis, TN 

Sarah Spinosa Interior Design
3080 Poplar Avenue | Memphis, TN

Carlton Architecture+DesignBuild

Jeff Edwards

“inspired design, thoughtfully built”

Carlton Architecture assembles talented professionals of complementary skills and great ambition. Founded in Asheville, NC in 2005 by Rob Carlton, the firm opened its Memphis branch under Jeff Edwards in 2013. The firm is dedicated to producing custom residential and commercial design of unsurpassed quality while maintaining a mindful relationship to our natural resources.

Carlton Architecture+DesignBuild
4646 Poplar Ave | Memphis, TN

Driscoll Design and Decoration

Gwen Driscoll

“Spiritual Awakening”

A space to dream, escape & enjoy spirits of all kinds.  Our design concepts are rooted in tradition but always juxtaposed with creative, fun & unexpected twists keeping your spirit alive!

Gwen Driscoll is nationally known for her refreshingly sophisticated, chic design tailored to residential and commercial spaces. Using her global-source network of artisans, craftspeople, antiques, and vintage find, she works with her clients to select goods with staying power that can be passed as an investment from generation to generation. Her work has been featured in regional and national publications.

Driscoll Design and Decoration
632 South Perkins Rd | Memphis, TN

Laura Davis and Whitney Joiner

Living Room

Robert Yasuda’s painting “Overlook” and Michele Pinstein’s black abstracts in acrylic and ink provided the inspiration for this room. The vignette’s features were chosen to texturally complement these works.

Laura Davis and Whitney Joiner specialize in residential design, with over 25 years combined experience. Both have worked independently on a wide range of projects and have a talent for creating elegant, functional spaces. Since joining Ray and Baudoin Interior Design, the two have enjoyed independent and collaborative design opportunities.

Ray & Baudion Interior Designer
169 Racine St | Memphis, TN

Jenna Wallis Interior Design

Jenna Wallis

“Palm Beach Meets Hollywood”

Southern roots blend with Hollywood fun in this Dorothy Draper inspired space, featuring preppy elements combined with a twist.

Jenna Wallis is known for her classically inspired interiors with an unexpected twist. She prides herself on her ability to combine objects from different periods into a unified, aesthetic space that serves her clients’ needs for functionality and comfort. Jenna gathered global experience working with Hirsch Bedner Associates, the world’s leading hospitality design company. She is equally skilled at commercial and residential design.

Jenna Wallis Interior Design
60 St. Albans Fairway | Memphis, TN


Lisa Mallory Interior Design

Lisa Mallory

Guest Bedroom

Our vignette is inspired by a Brunschwig and Fils Soleil Silk Floral Print. This glamorous guest bedroom could be found in any Paris Pied-a’-Terre. The vibrant colors and sophisticated accents make for a space that’s both luxurious and comfortable.

Lisa Mallory’s irrepressible desire to create has stood her clients in good stead since 1997. Her decisive and reliable instinct for what looks good and matches the style of the client has allowed her to curate a wide range of different projects with great success. Whether updating a specific room or overseeing the creation of a dream house, Lisa is prepared to create the best interior possible.

Lisa Mallory Interior Design
3080 Poplar Ave. | Memphis, TN

M. Steffens Interiors

Missy Steffens

Informal Dining Room

I created an entertaining space that mixes a variety of antiques with fresh fabrics and clean accessories. Mismatched chairs keeps it less formal and adding local art in a variety of mediums livens up the walls. My inspiration came from conversations with clients on how to mix up their dining room so they will be encouraged to use it. While I did not set my table, the room highlights a multipurpose space where you can have a card game, a child’s birthday party or an intimate dinner party.

Missy Steffens opened her business in 2011 in response to frequent requests for design assistance from friends and family. Lessons learned while conducting graduate studies in the midcentury furniture of Charles and Ray Eames have molded Missy into a lifelong student, which has in turn helped her to develop a wide-ranging, creatively inspired style.

M. Steffens Interiors
4277 Grandview Avenue | Memphis, TN

Parker Design Studio

Ann Parker

Dressing and Bathing Room

This room demonstrates the hidden potential of under-showcased spaces. Highlighting local talent and resources, a floor painted in rose quartz (2016 Pantone color of the year) unifies the design. 

Ann Parker is a fully licensed, versatile interior designer who is equally comfortable managing commercial and residential projects. She gained early experience working for a large national architecture firm before founding Parker Design Studio in 2008. Among her many previous commercial and residential projects are included two Southern Living Idea Houses.

Parker Design Studio
5050 Poplar Ave, Suite 1503 | Memphis, TN 

Biggs Powell & Gracey Smythe

Curated Coop’s Common Space

The inspiration for our vignette started with a single item... a rug of Gracey’s I have always admired. Much like projects and clients we work on and with there is usually something, an item, that is a jumping off point of sorts whether a rug, an heirloom or a clients’ favorite piece of fabric. From the choice of the rug Gracey and I started selecting pieces new and old that complimented the rug and created a space that is slightly dramatic (plenty of color and contrast), tailored and out of the ordinary. 

Biggs Powell has enjoyed great success since opening Biggs Powell Interior Design & Antiques in 2002. His design projects range from 20th-Century modern to a mixture of everything in between and project a blend of ease and sophistication. He espouses attention to detail in the service of function and comfort, allowing the style of a project to develop naturally out of the client’s needs.

Gracey Smythe’s work is motivated by her deep sense of curiosity, which has helped her to collaborate effectively with other designers and allows her to cultivate a style that draws on different types of architecture, design, and fashion. Gracey’s chic style places historical references in dialogue with raw and refined materials, generating a global aesthetic with a playful spirit. 

1698 Monroe Ave | Memphis, TN 

159 King Street | Charleston, SC

Ray & Baudion Interior Design

Shawn Matthews

Outdoor Parlor 

This room takes advantage of the many benefits to surrounding oneself with living plants and a green environment. Whether dining alone or entertaining, this space is sure to offer stress-free relaxation!
Shawn Matthews has worked with Ray & Baudoin Interior Design since the firm’s inception in 2003, where he handles merchandising and showroom design. His skills have allowed him to collaborate with many designers in finishing small and large projects and tackling numerous side projects. He can frequently be found putting the finishing touches on a room, redesigning a porch, or working with a larger interior.

Ray & Baudion Interior Design
169 Racine St | Memphis, TN


Selena McAdams

Living Room

A love of coastal Florida ­– and the relaxed feeling of “glamorous comfort” it evokes – inspired Selena Martin McAdams’ vignette for Art By Design.

Selena McAdams settled in Memphis after graduating from the University of Memphis Interior Design program in 2002. Her focus is on residential design, which she pursued as a freelance job while acquiring antiques for a local dealer before opening her own venue in 2007. Her style mixes old and new with an emphasis on clean lines and functionality.

5040 Sanderlin Ave., Suite 103
Memphis, TN 901.682.5513

Suzanne Varner Interior Design

Suzanne Varner


Picking up an issue of the Bergdorf Goodman catalog, Suzanne was immediately struck by its color. That color became the inspiration for the entry hall she has designed for this event.

Suzanne Varner has developed a process of design that began with an interior design degree and evolved alongside a passion for collecting fine art and antiques. In addition to local resources, she has assembled a list of vendors in Atlanta, New York, Dallas, and abroad who share her aesthetic.

Suzanne Varner Interior Design
169 Racine Street | Memphis, TN

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