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Meet the Grantees: Quark Theatre

Quark Theatre

Quark Theater’s production of Pulitzer nominee Will Eno’s Wakey, Wakey, is described by company co-founder, Adam Remsen, as “a funny, thoughtful, at times tearful, examination of what it means to be human”. The grant from ArtsMemphis helped create a production that is more technically involved than the company’s previous stripped-down approach. 

As one of ArtsMemphis’ newest operating support grantee, the company is energized as it enters its 4th season. “The support from ArtsMemphis has been a huge help in turning a play into a theatrical experience. We are eager to share our striking, unusual work with the Memphis theatergoing community!” said Remsen, who portrays the protagonist in Wakey, Wakey.

Quark Theater was founded in 2015 by Remsen, Tony Isbell, and Louisa Koeppel. ‘Small plays about big ideas’ is how Quark Theatre describes their contribution to the Memphis theater community. 

The company produces works that are thoughtful, challenging and generally less likely to receive local attention. Quark Theatre has a goal of adding value, currency, and energy to the Memphis theater experience. Since their founding, they have produced six plays, five of which were by playwrights who had never had work produced in the Mid-South. 

A focus on lesser-known productions lets Quark Theatre add new energy and fresh opportunities to the Memphis theatre scene. Inclusion plays an important role when considering which plays to produce and how they operate the company. Performances are scheduled on Monday nights to work around the schedules of the city’s many other theatre performances. Ticket prices are kept at an accessible price as to include more members of the community. There are student rates offered and almost always one pay-what-you-can performance for each production.  

For more information on Quark Theatre and ticket information for upcoming productions, visit the company’s website at

Meet the Grantees:
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