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Meet the Grantees: Germantown Community Theatre

Germantown Community Theatre

Germantown Community Threatre (GCT) has been a part of the MidSouth performing arts scene since 1972. Originally located in a chapel at Germantown’s St. George’s Episcopal Church, they moved to their current location on Forest Hill Irene Road near Poplar Avenue, 36 years ago.

GCT is the only organization in the City of Germantown that offers locally produced theatre with local actors, directors and artistic staff. It is also the only community theatre in the area that offers the opportunity for young people to participate in a fully-fledged theatrical performance without paying a participation fee or selling playbill ads in lieu of paying a participation fee. GCT was the first in the area to offer local home-schooled students theatre classes.

GCT prides itself on providing opportunities for directors, stage managers, lighting designers, sound designers, and actors to hone their craft. Each year, people of all ages make their stage debuts on GCT’s stage. The current executive director, Brian Everson, was given the opportunity to direct his first show at GCT and the late John Rone directed his first production at GCT in the 1980's.

In addition to main stage performances, GCT also provides a wide-variety of educational programs for children and teens, encouraging development of creativity and imagination. The theatre company programming includes fall and spring after-school and Saturday classes offering new and original programming created by GCT staff, an educational program for youth in partnership with the City of Germantown’s National Endowment for the Arts Big Read, and a four week summer theatre camp for 400 school-age children.

Their new program in 2020 will be Books on Stage, an after-school partnership with Germantown Community Library and Germantown Parks and Recreation. For 3rd through 8th graders, students can experience a theatrical production of Seussical, classes beginning on February 4th.

Meet the Grantees:
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