ArtsAccelerator is an incentive grant for visual artists who are at a critical juncture in their career.  

Annually, ArtsAccelerator provides five grants of $5,000 each to visual artists from the greater Memphis community to enhance the artist’s overall work or career. By supporting individual artists we are able to provide real and accessible support for new work, signal to visual artists that Memphis values their contributions to our region, attract and retain a vibrant creative class in Memphis and contribute to the visibility of our artistic community as a whole, both regionally and nationally. 

Hustle: Professional Development for Artists

Hustle: professional development for artists is a free program organized by ArtsMemphis, UrbanArt Commission, and Crosstown Arts. The series will provide visual artists with information, resources and opportunities to support them in the development of their professional careers. Workshop topics will range from positive studio practices to pricing work and navigating gallery representation. Questions? Contact Mary Jo Karimnia at maryjo [at] crosstownarts [dot] org

Crosstown Arts: 430 N. Cleveland, Memphis, TN 38104 | 6:00 - 8:00pm

Upcoming workshops:

July 25, 2017: Hustle: It’s a Maker’s World

August 15, 2017: Hustle : eltsuH

Open Crit

Crosstown Arts’ Open Crit series, organized in partnership with ArtsMemphis ArtsAccelerator, is a monthly critique event where visual artists are invited to bring new and/or in-progress studio work for critical feedback and group discussion particular to each artist’s practice.

A dedicated facilitator with experience in a group critique setting guides the discussion for each critique event, which will include up to 4 artists’ work, with 15-25 minutes devoted to the work of each.

All visual artists and anyone interested in joining the discussion are welcome to participate regardless of their level of expertise, prior professional art experience or background/education in fine art. Participation is free and open to the public. Input during the critiques from everyone in attendance is welcomed and encouraged.

No formal preparation is necessary for participating artists, who will have an opportunity to introduce and contextualize their work on view at the beginning of each critique. Participating artists are only asked to be open to (and interested in) considering reactions to their work by the group, which will always be done in a supportive, constructive and casual environment, but could at the same time be challenging.

430 N. Cleveland |  Second Tuesdays of the month | Time: 5-8 pm (5-6 setup time; 6-8 critique and discussion) | Open to the public 

To participate, fill out the request form here.