Arts & Economic Prosperity® 5 is a national study measuring the economic impact of nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences. In Shelby County, the research study was conducted by Americans for the Arts (AFTA), the nation’s nonprofit organization advancing the arts and arts education, in partnership with ArtsMemphis, and the Tennessee Arts Commission, the state’s arts agency.

ArtsMemphis has collected economic impact data from Shelby County nonprofits that offer arts and culture programming, both formal and informal, throughout 2015.

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August 31, 2017 Press Conference

Shelby County Economic Impact

AEP5 changes the conversation about the arts from that of a “charity”  or “nice to have” to one about an “investment in an industry” that provides both cultural and economic benefits to the community.

Breaking the summary down to Shelby County, we see that $118.2 million expenditures come from the arts and cultural organizations and $79.1 million come from the arts and cultural audiences leading to our total of $197.3 million.

It also shows that the arts and cultural organizations support over 3,700 jobs and arts and culture audiences support over 2,300 jobs leading to our total of 6,138.

Note: the audience-supported jobs include the waiter, the shoe department salesperson, etc.

For more details please CLICK HERE for a one page summary of the Shelby County results.

State Wide Economic Imact

Across America Economic Impact